A Message from my Papa

The Merry Mystic Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a guest missive from my own dear father, Howard Webber. On this rainy morning in Holderness, New Hampshire, he offered some affirmation for me, and some wise words for fathers everywhere.

(Incidentally, I asked my mother to do a guest missive too. She only laughed and said, “That’ll be the day!”)

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2 thoughts on “A Message from my Papa

  1. Than-you, Howard, for sharing your wise words for Father’s a day. I have heard some very nice comments from people on Facebook who watched your video and found your voice and thoughts to be very beautiful. Like ripples in a pond our words spread out and touch others. Thanks for sharing❤️

  2. Thank you!
    I am tempted to say something about apples not falling far from the tree, only in this case, it’s more like mystics not falling far from the sage. Peace, blessings, & I’m envious of your family vacation…