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The Buddha Kicked My Butt

My little church, the Open Prairie United Church of Christ, is probably the only church for a hundred miles where I could sing this song on a Sunday morning. (It followed my sermon.) Be the Light, Merry Mystics!

2024-07-07T13:15:21-05:00July 7, 2024|7 Comments


Here are two authority challenges: recognize Jesus’ authority, and claim your own.

2024-07-07T10:11:41-05:00July 7, 2024|0 Comments

A Pineapple of Compassion

This Sunday, we read a story from the Gospel of Mark about a disagreement Jesus had with some Pharisees concerning proper observance of the Sabbath. Deep inside the story is a beautiful teaching of Jesus—a teaching that’s important, whether you work on the Sabbath or not.

2024-06-02T10:12:38-05:00June 2, 2024|0 Comments

Youthful Visions

It makes me happy when children come to church. In this Pentecost reflection, I explain why. (The Pentecost story was dramatized by three voices before my reflection; here, I only repeat one verse of it.)

2024-05-19T09:31:33-05:00May 19, 2024|0 Comments

Help Reaching Decisions

The eleven remaining apostles chose a twelfth to replace Judas. Looking at how they did it can teach us some useful things about our own decision making.

2024-05-12T13:17:27-05:00May 12, 2024|0 Comments
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