No Branch Lost

The legend of Lazarus teaches a unique lesson about resurrection in the Gospel of John.

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Here’s the sermon that went with my new hymn about rest.

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Worry Boundaries

Worry can be our friend—but all healthy friendships need healthy boundaries.

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Fasting from multitasking can give us a chance to remember how useful and joyful focused attention can be.

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Fasting lives in the shadowy borderland between enlightenment and insanity. Here’s a look at both sides.

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In the Gospel stories of the Transfiguration, Jesus shines like the sun. Maybe you can too!

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Beyond Cases

Jesus’ use of the “case parody” reminds us that we have to do more than just follow the rules.

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This Is the Way

Maybe we should learn from the Mandalorians, and remind ourselves frequently: this is the way.

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Why Fishermen?

Why did Jesus start his ministry in a fishing village? John Dominic Crossan has a theory about that.

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Presence and Guidance

The nativity legends of the Bible are full of the presence and guidance of God. (This sermon featured some clips from old movies; the video only has transcriptions.)

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