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The Inn of God’s Forgiveness and Other Hymns for the Progressive Church is a collection of essays on progressive Christianity, each one culminating in a new hymn.  It’s not just a book of theology, and it’s certainly not a hymnal.  It is quite unlike anything else out there—but that, of course, is not necessarily a positive recommendation!  I can’t think of a good way to explain what the book is like, so I’m going to offer you a sample chapter for free.  This is Chapter Seven: “Welcome, Thomas, Doubts and All.”  That’s the name of the chapter, and also the name of the hymn that completes it.

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If this looks interesting, I hope you’ll give my book a try. If not, may God bless you on your path, whatever it may be.

The Inn of God’s Forgiveness is available:

Hymn and Song Sheet Music

The sheet music for the hymns in the book is freely available for downloading.  Just visit the Free Stuff area on this web site.  You’ll need a password for that, but you can get one for free, just by signing up for The Merry Mystic, my weekly letter.


I have two albums of original music: As a Deer Longs and Smackdown.

As a Deer Longs is my most recent album (released Christmas, 2012). The songs in this album cover a wide range, from reverent spirituality to irreverent humor, with stops along the way for folk ballad, piano blues, and instrumental meditation. The physical album is a CD in a wallet, and includes a 12-page lyric booklet. The wallet, CD, and lyric booklet feature photographic artwork by my dear friend, Robert E. Pierson. Rob and I dedicated the album to the students, faculty and staff of the Earlham School of Religion, which rashly graduated both of us.

Smackdown is my 2008 album. The physical album is a CD-R in a jacket. The cover art depicts a legendary scene from the First Council of Nicaea in 325, in which the heretical presbyter Arius is is smacked by Saint Nicholas. (I guess Arius was naughty, rather than nice.)

You can buy my music through CDBaby using the widget below. It is also available through iTunes, Amazon, and other online music outlets.