Be Still

A Stilling Chant from The Merry Mystic

This week’s message is a guided contemplative practice called a stilling chant.  It’s a quiet chant that gets progressively shorter, until you are left with a speaking silence between you and God.  For this practice, you want to be in a safe and quiet place—or, at least, some place where you can sit comfortably and pray with your eyes closed.

Be still, and know that I am God.  —Psalm 46:10

Because your eyes will be closed, there’s no video this week, but only audio.  The audio lasts about six minutes; the time that follows can last as long as you like.  You can pray, or meditate, or contemplate, or just drift off to sleep—whatever your body and spirit need!

(For those wanting to lead a group in this practice, sheet music is available in our Free Stuff area.)

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