Goodbye, Cat-Friend

I’m feeling too sad to follow through with my plans for The Merry Mystic this week. My good old cat Justice got too sick over the last couple of days, and today we had to have him put to sleep.

Justice was an ordinary cat in many ways: he loved tuna, watched birds, didn’t like car travel. But one of his extraordinary qualities was his instinct for compassion. Whenever anyone in the family was feeling low or stressed out, Justice would find that person, snuggle down on his or her chest, and purr. He did it for me; I know that he did it for my wife, especially during her father’s final illness and death three years ago. I’ve had a number of cats before, each one special in its way, but I’ll always remember Justice for the comfort he gave to people in need. Well done, thou good and faithful cat-friend.

In his memory, I invite you to re-watch my cat video from last fall, Justice the Ranting Cat.

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5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Cat-Friend

  1. I’m sorry for your loss, Adam. Many blessings to your friend who (I believe) is currently residing in the Realm beyond this world. May we all be reunited with our four-legged family members when we, too, pass beyond this world into the next. Though it is always hard to say goodbye to our four-legged friends, all of us are exceedingly blessed for having taken into our hearts a dog or a cat. What wonderful beings they are. They embody the Light in a way that is most admirable. Thank you, God, for those physical angels in our lives that we know and love as our family cats and dogs! Thank you, thank you, thank you!…. : )

  2. The passing of a friend is always hard even if the friend comes with four paws, soft fur and the cutest meow ever! Please pass my condolences along to your family and of course, our prayers are with you.

    Dan and Patti

  3. I feel your loss as I have had several cats. They are all truly special in their own ways and in our hearts. My deepest sympathies.