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6 thoughts on “The Gospel of John Meets Gilbert and Sullivan

  1. Hi Adam, This is delightful! How did you keep picking up hats on your left and throwing them off to your right? Being blessed by confusion is not such a bad place to be.

    • Thanks, Patti. And best blessings on your forthcoming graduation. Did anyone tell you about the master-of-divinity superpowers? They should be kicking in any day now!

  2. We were once on a cruise ship that presented a stage show based on HMS Pinafore. Several of the ship’s performers were British, as is common, one of whom joined us for a cocktail. I found myself explaining the comedy to a Brit – how the Captain, the Captain’s daughter, Little Buttercup, the First Lord of the Admiralty, et al, all fit together in a mockery of English class society.

    • Heh. I guess we post-imperial nations all have to learn to balance our pride with some self-deprecating humor. Maybe that’s where The Merry Mystic comes from: the self-deprecating humor of post-Christendom.

  3. Wonderful Adam. This is water to a blind man’s ears! You offer bread and light to the sheep of the true vine!