Beyond Resistance

A Merry Mystic Book Review

Here’s a book my fellow Merry Mystics might enjoy: Beyond Resistance by Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer.

John also does a weekly podcast that might appeal to Merry Mystics. It’s called “Into the Mystic,” and you can find it here.

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One thought on “Beyond Resistance

  1. Hi Adam,

    “Doing” church in a new way is both exciting and frightening. It is exciting to be at a turning point in Christianity (as there have been many times in our history). We can embrace it or run from it. I have read this book and find it to be an exciting glimpse into what some are doing already and what possibilities lie ahead. This doesn’t mean that the way we have done things in the past is “wrong,” some will continue on in the same way which meets the needs of people. But some will find new ways of bringing about the Good News.

    I look forward to talking with folks at the New Waves meeting tonight in Traverse City. God is still speaking!

    Blessings to you and thanks for this!