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I’m in Holderness, NH, enjoying some vacation time with my family. (There’s a big motorcycle rally going on this week in nearby Laconia—that accounts for the background noise in the video!) In between naps and family excursions, I’ve been thinking about a question this week, and I’d really like your help with it.

Please leave a comment and help me wrestle with this question. Suppose there were a church assembly where you could honestly say to people, in every minute they spent with you, yes, this is the best, the brightest, the most rewarding thing we could be doing together right now. What would that look like?

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8 thoughts on “Imagine Competing

  1. Wonderful question, Adam! I will sit with it and give an answer later. I will say, briefly, saying Yes! to Life is right where I am as I am transforming the way I want to show up as a human being on this beautiful place I call Mother
    Earth and this time of evolution for humanity and our planet. So I look forward to sharing more later.

    All the best!

  2. My thoughts, in regards to what we could be doing in the moment that would bring great joy to all concerned; I would say all of us are at the Metroparks having a huge cookout. Food often works out to be a catlyst in any gathering, bringing people to share in tge festivities.

  3. I think if we will listen with respect and hold sacred each other’s faith journey stories; that will be time well spent.

    • Yes! And I would include the faith journeys of children — who, I think, often have experiences of God that they don’t feel comfortable sharing.

  4. I felt I was doing that very thing when I ran the theatre. Each week I and the company spent wonderful (and long and exhausting) time preparing the best we could offer. When I was running RE-MEMBER, I and the staff and volunteers worked our butts off making sure the volunteers had a rich and rewarding experience.
    When you are in a church with 40 people who semi-regularly come together on Sunday, and only are available during the week for the 1 hour choir session and the occasional meeting, preparing something ultra special for Sunday at 10:30 becomes somewhat problematic.
    We REALLY need to rethink this “church” business.

  5. I am just back from Quaker Yearly Meeting, which may, from the outside, look like many days of sun-burnt bug-bitten religious fogeys suffering from lack of sleep (due to creaky cranky bunk-beds) as they trudge endlessly back and forth from business meeting to dining hall to worship groups. And yet… oh my gosh… almost a whole week where worship and worship-sharing is woven into the fabric of the day, where every new person you meet feels like a long lost friend, where kids and adults play together and share ice cream on the porch, and where teenagers lead worship circles – circles where eighteen year olds and eighty year olds share the challenges they’ve faced with faith, money, and relationships. Where people share life stories, bible verses, faith challenges and political strategems over scrambled eggs. Leaving at the end of the week is hard, precisely because… this is the best, the brightest, the most rewarding thing we could be doing together right now