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The Merry Mystical Motto: Humorlessness Is Next To Godlessness

In this week’s video, I report on the results of last week’s survey.

In addition to the results reported in the video, there were quite a few write-in candidates. Here are the slogans proposed by other readers, unedited and in no particular order:

  • Progressive Christianity – Christianity’s Progressive Rock station – all Yes, all the time.
  • Get in touch with your own personal spirituality
  • Progressive Christianity– because we really want to remain Christian.
  • – because we don’t know everything -yet.
  • “Accepting new knowledge since _(fill in your own date)_”
  • “Where thinking is still allowed, and encouraged”
  • “Tell your story, then listen to ours”
  • Progressive Christianity – because we need to progress!
  • Progressive Christianity – It’s on my bucket list!
  • Progressive Christianity — Sounds better than retrograde Christianity
  • Progressive Christianity – Practicing more than we preach.
  • Let us begin to live the life that Jesus modeled for us.
  • …because what if they found Jesus’ body; would it negate His life and teachings?
  • Love yourself and your neighbor.
  • We may not be 1st but we are way ahead of whatever is 2nd. ( just saying )
  • Progressive Christianity- because Jesus way was always forward into the midst of life
  • Progressive Christianity-because saying, “I have faith,” isn’t a valid replacement for evidence.
  • Progressive Christianity: Because we are one big friggin family!
  • Progressive Christianity – marching forward towards world peace not backwards to world domination.

Thanks to everyone who participated! I’m going to close the survey now, but please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below.

Please think about serving others with your comments. Anything offensive or too off-topic, I'll delete.

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4 thoughts on “Slogan Survey Results

  1. thought of one more, good for interstate billboards:

    Progressive Christianity – Our Way or the Highway!
    (our way is: exit 108, left turn, one mile, small church on your right)

    • Heh! Or if you’re near the train station, you could borrow from Peter, Paul and Mary:

      Progressive Christianity:

        This train don't carry no jokers,
        No high-tone women, no cigar smokers

      But our church is just a mile south on Main Street, behind the movie theater on the left, and you’re welcome there.