Midwives of Hope

A Hymn Celebrating Those who Help Hope into the World

In the legend of Moses’ birth (Exodus 1:15-2:10), there are two official midwives: Shiphrah and Puah. Then there are three other women who, in their different ways, also help bring hope into the world: Moses’ birth mother, his sister, and his adoptive mother. Here’s a new hymn celebrating their work, and the work of all midwives everywhere.

Sheet music for “Midwives of Hope” is in our Free Stuff area.

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One thought on “Midwives of Hope

  1. Having experienced their wisdom and accompaniment through our son’s birth, I have to say: Midwives are the best! More hymns celebrating midwives – physical and spiritual – would be a-ok!

    Curiously, your musical hymnifications often reflect current conversation at our Contemplative Reading group. This week, someone shared that those doing hospice work were also midwives. That led to deep wonder at what it means to be born and to accompany those giving birth to something new at the start, at the end, and in the middle of their lives.