But Still I Tremble

The Merry Mystic at the Beginning of Wisdom

Here’s a new hymn about, of all things, the fear of God: not the anticipatory fear of God’s punishment, but the trembling response to God’s mystery and grandeur.

Sheet music for “But Still I Tremble” is available in our Free Stuff area.

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5 thoughts on “But Still I Tremble

  1. The “fear of God” is a bit paradoxical. I don’t know exactly what kind of “fear” the scripture writers had in mind, but in modern usage there are types of fear that are short of terrifying. Stage fright, for example, is a common phobia that can be overcome.

    Some of us become nervous, perhaps even fearful, when in the presence of an important person. There is the common fear of failure that inhibits our taking action. I have a fear of heights, but not of flying in airplanes. Such fears do not rise to the deliberate threat of a fearsome, threatening god. Unlike supposedly Paul or Moses, I have never directly seen God. If I ever do, I, like Paul, might be afraid or afflicted with temporary blindness – or maybe I would be cured of my fear of heights!

  2. The line between awe and fear is icy thin. The touch of God is like the thrill of looking out into the vast universe on a pitch black night and starting to feel one’s footing slip.

    • And like the electric sizzle of the moment when, in the quiet house where you thought you were alone, you realize that someone is there.

      And as the fear surges along your spine, you hear a voice saying, “Fear not!” Thanks for the tip, Gabriel. I’ll be sure to take it, right after I, um, change my shorts.

  3. I was getting concerned if The Merry Mystic was on vacation too long. In the meantime we finally got your informative and enlightening Christmas message forwarded to Florida. Thanks for the up-dates. Sounds like the kids are beginning to fly on their own routes! We hope the church will grow! Fondly – Gwen & Terry Tisdale