Justice, the Ranting Cat

The Merry Mystic Sings a New Theme Song

Last week’s episode of The Merry Mystic—my rant—was the most popular ever. Still, it didn’t exactly take the internet by storm. So here, as promised, is my cat video.

Thanks for all the great responses and shares last week. It helps me more than you know. Best blessings!

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6 thoughts on “Justice, the Ranting Cat

  1. My cat Misty knows when I m not well and will not stray far from my side till Tom gets home. However like Patti said about her cat, The rant starts when she wants her treat! God bless Adam, I find joy in your videos.

  2. Ummm… Adam, that cat has more kibble in its belly than rant. Well, at least, by contrast, your lethargic sidekick makes you stand out as positively apoplectic with outrage! As a goodwill gesture, in order to help your efforts at ranting, I am packing up our dog, Raffa, the rescue pit-bull hound dog mix, to send to you by evening post. She at least barks and growls when ranting in a way that cause the hair on your neck to seek an exit. Although, I have to admit, her loudest rant is not about Christian heretics, but about dogs that are allowed to run free in the park – it’s WRONG! It’s just plain WRONG!